MIZUOH is the strongest disinfectant and deodorant liquid born in Japan. Because it is used at a weakly acidic and low concentration, it is gentle on the skin, has high decomposition properties, and has low residual properties, making it an environmentally friendly sterilizing water. It is a highly safe material that has almost no effect even when used directly on living organisms.

Sterilize viruses

It can also sterilize norovirus and influenza that cannot be sterilized with alcohol disinfectant.


Deodorize bad odors

Spraying Suio when laundry such as towels is wet will eliminate unpleasant odors.

washing vegetables and fruits

When used to wash vegetables and fruits, it will last longer as it prevents oxidation.

It removes mold from clothing, wood products, furniture, and everywhere else. The rainy season is very humid and mold is a great enemy, but Water King eliminates mold fungus from its roots.

It fundamentally sterilizes bacteria and germs in vegetables and tap water, so vegetables last longer and are sterilized. Those using Water King (pictured right) last longer. The photo shows the condition of vegetables after 3 days.

The space sterilization and deodorization system of Suio sanitizing and deodorizing system sterilizes and deodorizes indoor air with a fine mist. The equipment will keep your living space comfortable and free of unpleasant odors.

Mizuoh is used in many facilities because it is sterile water that is safe for the environment and people. In Japan, it is possible to maintain clean environments in hospitals, welfare facilities, swimming pools, etc.

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