MIZUOH is manufactured at
our factory in Yangon
using safe made-in-Japan chemicals
that are air-shipped from Japan and is sold there.

Strong disinfecting power

MIZUOH (weakly acidic hypochlorous aqueous solution) is disinfecting and deodorant liquid that is obtained by adjusting the pH of sodium hypochlorite, which is used as a disinfectant at medical and welfare workplaces, to be weakly acidic with dilute hypochloric acid.
By making the pH weakly acidic, enhancement of the disinfection effect has become possible.In Japan, MIZUOH is widely used, ranging from medical and welfare fields to cleaning companies, foodstuffs, animal husbandry, swimming pools, and research facilities.

High level of safety

MIZUOH is skin-friendly disinfecting water because it can be used in weakly acidic and low concentration conditions.
It is excellent in decomposition property, low in residual property, and environmentally friendly disinfecting water.
It is a highly safe material with very little effect even if it is directly used for foodstuffs and living bodies.

Effective Air Sterilization and Deodorant:

MIZUOH’s space disinfection and deodorization system sterilize and deodorize the space by spraying a fine mist.
Introduction of this system will keep a living space comfortable and offensive-odor-free.
It has a deodorizing effect on various malodorous substances, including ammonia and similar substances.
Instead of hiding the offensive odor with other smells, as aromatic agents do, it decomposes malodorous ingredients from their roots, and hence, is very effective.


MIZUHO – is safe to put in your mouth It is a sterile deodorant.


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